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         BARGAIN BARN is proud to host ongoing Kenda Lenseigne Mounted Shooting Clinics

                         Be sure to contact Cheryl Hibbert for details (602-237-4927)

Check out this action-packed Mounted Shooting Exhibition

 Bargain Barn is proud to support Mounted Shooters!


Mounted Shooters are part of a national organization dedicated to holding the finest; most exciting mounted shooting competitions in the country. Mounted shooting events are similar to other modern rodeo timed events. The competitors dress in rodeo attire, are mounted on horses of any breed, including mules and ponies, and engage “courses of fire” with two .45 caliber, single action firearms. The ammunition used for these events are “blank’s” filled with black powder. The black powder goes out about 15 feet and pops the balloon targets. No projectile is fired so the event is competitor and spectator friendly. For more about mounted shooting click here.

 Outlaw Blanks   


Mounted Shooting Ammo

  • CMSA certified.
  • Competition load.
  • Available in 100 and 500 count.



Fast-Action Mounted Shooting Holsters

These holsters are handcrafted from latigo leather and come in a black and light oil finish.

Price range: $90.00 - $125.00




Custom made using embossed leather.


Balloons and Balloon Pegs     

Durable 1/2" pegs with valve stems.
Pegs are 6" long with lip to secure and seal balloons.


Balloons inflate up to 12 inches.
15 count $1.65

Equine Ear Plugs   

Super Soft Ear plugs for Horses

Ease stress on your horses!

  • Super soft foam molds to your horses ear.
  • Deadens distracting noise.
  • Securely attaches to head gear.


More about Mounted Shooting... 

There are several different courses (stages) run during a Mounted Shooting Match. While some of these courses are designed for speed, others are designed to challenge the horse and rider in their technical abilities. While speed is important, accuracy plays a big part in the final outcome of a match. There are also several ways to get penalties assessed. Missing balloons, knocking over barrels, dropping a gun, or running the course incorrectly can add 5 or more seconds to a run so efforts are made not to incur any penalties.

Competitors are split into 4 divisions: Novice Division for beginning level shooters, Non-Pro, Semi-Pro and Pro Divisions; division is based on the number of wins attained. Shooters in the Non-Pro, Semi-Pro and Pro Divisions are eligible for year-end hi-point prizes. To be eligible for these prizes, the competitor must have at least 500 points by the time the World Championship event is held to qualify for hi-point prizes. The competitor must also attend the World Championship to be awarded any hi-point prizes. Points are based on the number of dollars won. One point is given for every dollar won.

Some Mounted Shooters also compete in Rifle and Shotgun Classes, where the first five targets are engaged with a handgun, with the last five being addressed with the rifle or shotgun. The Kennedy Horsemanship Challenge is another competition that is a timed trail event usually consisting of at least 8 obstacles, one of which is a three-round shooting obstacle.

If you would like more information about mounted shooting, be sure to ask Cheryl or Chico.
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